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The Journey of You @ Dream:U Bathgate

  • Have you noticed that you often lose your motivation?
  • Do you easily become overwhelmed and confused?
  • Do you struggle to know what direction you want your life to take?
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Working with an accredited Coach can help to resolve these issues. It can provide you with mental clarity and help you to live the life you truly deserve.

Marie Claire is an inspirational Wellness Coach. For the last eight years she has worked with individuals. She helps them to become better versions of themselves. This is done by showing them how to have a better relationship with

  • fitness
  • nutrition
  • and self-belief

These are the key ingredients for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. As a fully trained Fitness Professional and jogscotland leader she understands what motivates people. She uses this knowledge and these skills to help people create an environment for lasting lifestyle change.

Dream Coaching provides Motivational Coaching in the shape of individual sessions and group personal development programmes to suit your needs and wants.

The one to one sessions can take place in the comfort of your home, within Dream:U or even via telephone or Skype.

For a free initial consultation please contact Marie Claire on 07702167812 or via email